Brand Development

Brand development that includes messaging, message hierarchy, and logo development begins with research that leads to foundational messaging (your brand promise and messaging pillars) and how that messaging is used for different audiences — a brand hierarchy. From that process, our creative team develops a graphic mark — a logo — that resonates with audiences while reflecting the brand.

You Say You JUST Want a Logo?

We might say, “Not so fast!” More likely than not, you need a brand strategy that begins with background research. That may include historical data, focus groups or just a deep dive with organization leadership. Identifying goals and learning about target audiences allows our brand gurus to determine the message and the tone that clearly delivers the the brand promise. And THEN we’ll talk “logo” … and all of the other assets for your brand toolbox including a detailed style guide.

Brand New

Whether you’re launching a new business or looking to start fresh with a new look for your existing business, we have the know-how and the talent to make your branding dreams come true.

Updating Your Brand

We can take an outdated or ineffective brand and make it stand out from the crowd.

OldForestParkLogo NewForestParkLogo
SHC-OldLogo SHC-NewLogo

Taking Your Existing Brand to the Next Level

You like the logo and branding you have, but you know it could be used more effectively with some professional branding help.

Strategic Approach + Measurable Results