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Strategic Marketing & Communications

We tell stories. Not just to fill space or because it's trendy.
We tell them because we believe it is the best way to deliver a message that makes an impact. Driving sales leads. Increasing donors. Building brand awareness. It's in the words, the pictures, the sound ... connecting and resonating with a target audience.

Strategic Approach

A lot of communication companies, marketing firms and PR agencies promise strategy but simply come up with a list of tactics ... that may or may not work. For Pickett & Associates, “strategy” means we begin with research about your company and, most importantly, your customers.

Measurable Results

Entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive directors must be able to show a return on investment for their effo rts – marketing and strategic communication are no exception. By starting marketing and communication efforts with measurable objectives, ROI is delivered front and center.

How do we communicate?

Our services


Communicating your message through imagery

Public Relations

Building credibility and awareness


Who are you? More than a logo!


Engaging your audience and telling your story

Digital Marketing

Delivering your message across multiple platforms

P&A Blog

The inside scoop on best practices, trends & real-life stuff.

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We help identify measurable objectives and the strategies & tactics that will get you there.