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Plan to Your Heart’s Content

Now that you know your goals, target audience, competition and have budgeted

Figure Out the Money, Honey

Budget is a big word in business. As a business owner or

Social Media Strategy: Check Out the Competition

Social media strategy includes researching the competition. Frequently we ask clients, “who

Social Media Platforms for Your Brand

Platforms … the word that, fairly quickly, went from meaning an awesome

Keep Your Swag in the Bag

We’re all a little giddy about the return to in-person events. Pickett

Engaging Your Target Social Media Audience

Today’s social media audience is wiser than ever. Most consumers know the

Market Your Brand with Instagram Stories, Reels

Why are Instagram stories and reels important to your business marketing? Instagram

Your Target Audience is the Bullseye of Your Marketing Strategy

How do you identify your target audience? “What does my customer/client look

The Power of Public Relations

While the power of public relations and the role played by the

Strategic Approach + Measurable Results