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Should You Hire an Accredited Public Relations Professional

by Patricia Pickett, APR You may note that my name is usually

Public Relations: It’s Not Dead Yet

In today’s digital-heavy environment, you would be hard-pressed to find a successful

Red Shoe Diaries and the Power of First Impressions

Your Biz Squad Professional: Stephanie Grabow 👠Lucky Dorothy. Her homemade blue gingham

Brand Refresh Versus a Rebrand: Which One Do You Need?

This month, we are talking about branding. If you missed our first

So, What’s the Deal With Branding?

If you think that branding is all about pretty colors and cool

5 Tools for DIY Video Marketing

Your Biz Squad Professional: Carolyn Case You don’t have to be a

5 Things to Know About Video for Business (With a Professional)

Your Biz Squad Professional: Carolyn Case You are ready to hire a

Why LinkedIn?

Maybe you are new to social media and are trying to set

How to Successfully Grow and Engage Your LinkedIn Followers

We recently reviewed why LinkedIn is going to be an important platform

Strategic Approach + Measurable Results