This month, we are talking about branding. If you missed our first blog about the foundations of a cohesive brand, make sure to check it out. Now, we are going to dive into something a bit more nuanced … a brand refresh versus a rebrand. At some point in the life of a business, one or the other is necessary. How to choose? 

What is a brand refresh versus a rebrand? 

When clients come to us as an established business, but they have shifted their offerings, we consider rebranding or refreshing the brand. Research into the evolution of their specific business as well as changes among competition begin the process. Ensuring their brand message, promise and pillars align with these new developments is a second step that leads to a revised visual brand. A new logo will often be prescribed, especially if they are hoping to capture a different market segment. A new brand messaging guide as well as a style guide will help them to disseminate information to their team, so they can begin to send out the new, cohesive message to consumers.  

While a rebrand can feel like wiping things clean and starting from scratch, a refresh is more of an invigorating breeze that brings a tad bit of newness to a brand. We won’t overhaul anything, but we may help a client tweak pillars or messaging to ensure everything is streamlined. Sometimes, refreshing also requires a tweak to the original logo, colors or fonts … and sometimes it doesn’t. A refresh takes quite a bit less time than a full rebrand, obviously, but the payoff is big in repositioning the brand and ensuing growth. 

Times, they are a changin’ 

As much as some of our clients would love to hold onto their logo and brand message for dear life, the reality is that we live in a rapidly changing world. Regardless of the industry, you are sure to see change taking place right before your eyes. A rebrand or a refresh helps our clients to keep up with the flow of their industry so they don’t get left behind. Customers may love the security blanket that is predictability, but they also love when a business delivers on its promises. If your brand promises and pillars don’t align with your capacity or business strategy, you will need to revisit the drawing board.  

How do you know when you need a rebrand or refresh?

You may need a REBRAND if: Your core values are now out of line with the values of your target market, your company’s branding is outdated, or your brand messaging and logo provide no competitive edge. 

You may need a REFRESH if: You want to maintain your core brand messaging and pillars, but you want to enter into new markets or attract new audiences. You may also want to update your messaging and logo or need support to remain a recognizable brand in today’s world.  

We are here to support you!

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