• How to Post Your Blog to Social Media

  • So, you’ve created a blog … better  yet, you’ve created several blogs. You’ve posted them to your website. Now what?

    It’s not rocket science. It is time consuming. That’s why about 60 percent of Pickett and Associate’s business is social media strategy, management and implementation. But let me give you the “inside scoop” — then you can decide if you want to play DIY or delegate. Here’s the deal:

    1. Write a few words of introduction to the idea of the blog; make it catchy, enticing. SOLVE A PROBLEM! OFFER A SOLUTION!
    2. Use the specific blog link, not just the blog page. then you want to cut and paste www.pickettandassociates.com/publishing-blog-social-media NOT www.pickettandassociates.com/blog. Why? You want readers to go right to that blog; theoretically, there’s a purpose in that blog that you’ve identified in a communication plan and/or editorial calendar.
    3. If you are using Facebook or LinkedIn, once you paste that link, a post is generated with a photo and the beginning of your blog; at that point, delete the link you put in there. If no photo is auto-generated, upload something appropriate (and talk to your web person about why that’s not happening).
    4. If you are using Twitter, shrink the link. We prefer ow.ly but you can use bit.lyEither are super easy — just paste the long link and it generates something shorter.
    5. Schedule it! If you are using Facebook for business (which you should be) … (tell me you aren’t using a personal account, please!), you can schedule several posts at one time through Facebook. You can also use a service like Hootsuite and post across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Other than the ease of having them all in one place, there’s an “ow.ly shrinker” built in.) There are tutorials galore; don’t be afraid.

    See, I told you it was “easy peasey.” But if you decide to delegate, we’d love to hear from you! We love working with businesses and organizations of all sizes and budgets!