• Social Media Management

  • Strategic Social Media Needs a Professional

    Most likely, you don't have the time required to tap in to social media for your business ... you may not even see the value. To properly implement and manage social media -- from your company's LinkedIn page to its Twitter account, it takes a strategic plan taking into account the different audiences you wish to reach and engage. Customers? The media? The general public? A content calendar helps manage the process; monthly evaluation is critical to ensure you're delivering a message with the desired results.

  • research

    Who IS your audience, your influencers? What are you trying to accomplish? Rarely is that a single target or for a single purpose. Are you promoting a product or event? Or are you proactively preparing to manage a crisis?

  • planning

    Armed with knowledge, a strategic plan of attack is establish that includes measurable objectives -- whether that's the number of attendees at an event or an increase in sales directly related to social media activities. 

  • implementation

    This is where many untrained professionals start -- the communications equivalent of "ready, fire, aim." That said, we can see why ... it's the fun part. Serious strategies followed by out-of-the-box tactics take your organization to the next level in the social sphere.

  • evaluation

    Monthly analytics and analysis regarding your organization's social media efforts provide measurement to reflect "return on investment." Evaluation also provides your social media team the information with which to make educated decisions on tweaks and changes to your program.

  • strategic and organized messaging

    Keeping all your social media accounts organized and coherent can be a time-consuming task. Pickett & Associates has the means and expertise to help you become and stay connected to your audience.

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