The signs are popping up all around you. You start to feel like things are slowing down with your business, and you can’t quite put a finger on it. You hate going on your website because it looks outdated. You start to wonder if you need a new website or just a vacation.  

You need a new website 

If any of the above have been happening to you, it is probably time to consider updating your website or doing a complete overhaul. In today’s world, where things seem to be moving at hyper speed, websites go out of date quickly. That isn’t to say that brands don’t have staying power. Rather, we need to keep up with our consumers if we are going to offer them a great experience with our product, service, website or brand.  

Here are some tried and true signs that it is time to get a new website:

Your website is old or no longer aligns with your brand 

If your website looks old (or IS old, meaning more than three-years old) it may be time for an update. You also want to make sure the content on your site aligns with any branding changes you have had. Most business owners understand keeping their logo up-to-date on their site, but things like voice and messaging also need to be tweaked to ensure they are the same across all platforms.  

Your website has a confusing user experience 

If the navigation on your website is no longer serving your customers, it is definitely time for an update. User experience is everything, so making it both functional and visually pleasing will only help your brand to retain those loyal customers and attract new ones. Out with the slow loading pages and in with the more timely, clean and functional navigation! 

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices 

A large chunk of your customers will come to your site via mobile device, so if your website was created mainly for desktop being the main point of entry, it’s time to revamp. Why? Because not all websites  automatically convert from desktop to user-friendly mobile and if your customer is having a difficult user experience on your site, you can bet they probably won’t purchase from you.  

You aren’t nailing it in the inbound marketing department 

What meets customers when they log on to your website? Is it simply informational? If so, it is time to update your content and create an experience they will enjoy when interacting with your brand. Inbound marketing simply refers to making sure consumers who flock to your website will be met with engaging, educational content that will lead them to a purchasing decision.  

You have a high bounce rate 

We’ve saved the most important marker for last. Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your site only once and then leave (quickly). Whether they were turned away by something or didn’t find it appealing or easy to use, we don’t know. What we do know, however, is that you can’t make customers out of single-page visitors. It is important to know your bounce rate and act swiftly if you see it creeping into the 70-90% range consistently.  

Want to take your website from zero to hero? Chat with us to find out more about what we offer or check out our Entrepreneurial Pathway Program for a full list of package options, priced just for business owners.  

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