Your Biz Squad Professional: Stephanie Grabow

👠Lucky Dorothy. Her homemade blue gingham dress got a glow-up when she put on glittery ruby pumps. 

Those shoes had superpowers that transported her to where she most wanted to be, into the circle of the people that she most wanted to be with.

When she clicked those shiny shoes together, they helped her shortcut out on the flying monkeys, the creepy guy, and the perils of a witchy-witch.

Am I advocating for you to wear gingham and glitter together? Not unless you’re doing a whole cosplay thing and that’s another conversation.

I AM telling you that shoes can change your life.

🙈Or at the very least, they can speed you forward toward your goals and avoid tangling with pesky flying monkeys.

There’s solid research that documents that we really are judged from the ground up.

🤯In the Mid-South, where I grew up, you’re taught from an early age that you can determine whether someone is worth your time by looking at the heels of their shoes. 

Scuffed-up heels, frayed shoelaces, and, worst of all BORING SHOES? Those are clear signs that the other person is not serious about your time.


  • she lacks self-awareness about the vibe that she is sending off.
  • she doesn’t pay attention to details.
  • she doesn’t care what people think about her.

Actions taken on first impressions are real and you can use them to your benefit or your detriment. You get to choose.

Sitting at your desk, looking down at your feet and thinking, 

“Huh. I wonder what these turquoise rubber flip-flops I bought at Whole Foods say about my professional capabilities?”

Maybe you’re also making this face? 😳

Am I advocating for this outdated system of judging each other?

Hard no. 

But what you and I both know is that business interactions can move so quickly that snap judgments are made, and in that quick second you want every detail you can control to be working in your favor. 

Your client has 21,000 unread emails and a text notification bubble that’s on fire.

Make their job of choosing YOU easier.

You’ve heard a thousand times that a large part of communication is nonverbal. 

If your prospect sees you as not pulled together, or worse yet, someone who doesn’t care about perceptions?  They’re probably not going to feel confident trusting you to come into their inner circle and help solve their business problems.

Why make connecting with clients or co-workers harder than it has to be?

Put on a pair of shoes that will get you in the door using these 4 guidelines:

Opt for color. An outfit built from neutrals gets a punch of excitement when you finish your look with shoes in one of your ideal colors. Wearing dark denim and a neutral top? Grab a pair of flats in your best green or pink. Your outfit will look more intentional and great shoes are an easy conversation starter.

Choose a modern silhouette. Those round-toe ballet flats from 2015 have seen better days. Choose an almond-shaped or square-toed version to look more current.

Choose comfort. I promise that you’ve never had the best day of your life in shoes that hurt your feet. Make sure that you can walk a city block in your shoes without getting a blister.

If sustainability is your thing, choose a brand that uses recycled materials. Every season, there are more great choices that check this box, so you’ve got lots of options.

Dorothy’s red shoes changed her life. Maybe your next pair of shoes will too!

Always cheering you on!


Stephanie 💋

Stephanie Grabow is the Founder and CEO of Stephanie Grabow Style+ and SG Style Collective. She is a style coach for female entrepreneurs and leaders, a speaker and a curator of beautiful things. It is her goal to make nailing your look the easiest 10 minutes of your day. Follow her at

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