Your Biz Squad Professional: Carolyn Case

You don’t have to be a professional in videography to create fun, enticing and engaging videos for your business or organization. Telling your story through videography is crucial in the social media realm today. There are many tools that most of us already have access to that can help to create compelling videos. Here are five tools that will help you on your video journey:

Smart Phone

Most of us have access to a smart phone on a regular basis and most smart phones have incredible cameras and video capabilities today. You can use your phone to shoot amazing videos and download many different apps to aid in editing and coloring your footage.

Tripod or Stabilizer

You will need a tripod or stabilizer for your phone or video camera so that your footage will be usable and not too shaky and blurry. You can purchase small tripods specifically for smart phones or use objects around you to stabilize your phone as you shoot.

Wireless Microphone

Find a wireless microphone that will work with your smart phone or video camera. This will usually take form in something small and inconspicuous that will attach to the person speaking in the video and the other part will be plugged into the phone or camera. It is important to have clear, usable and understandable audio in your videos.

Ring Light or Light Panel

Have a ring light or light panel to help your subject look soft and beautiful as is appropriate for your subject matter. This will help to avoid intense shadows and underlit subjects or spaces.

Editing Software/App

Download a video editing software or app to use to create beautiful videos. You can download Adobe Premiere pro both on mobile or as a desktop app, or utilize other apps such as Capcut, Final Cut Pro, and Splice.

Carolyn Case is a multimedia production professional and owner of Media 37 Indy with over 15 years of professional experience. Media 37 Indy is a full-service media house that seeks to serve the needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and companies throughout Central Indiana. Media 37 Indy offers a variety of videography, photography, editing, and multimedia marketing services. Learn more at

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