Earlier this year, we wrote about the importance of Customer Experience, or CX, as a marketing strategy for 2020. Now, we will go one step further by looking into the streamlining of your business’s marketing strategy as another way to gain new customers and grow your brand this year.

Between social media and other outlets, you have the power to capture the attention of a large audience. It is really important to make sure you are able to streamline the information customers are receiving about your brand. If you have a well-built Website where consumers can land to gather a consolidated version of the information you would like to share, then you are on your way to success in marketing!

So, you may be wondering, what are some of the identifying traits of a well-built Website? While most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time with search engine optimization (stay tuned for that article!), here is a simplified list that should get you going on the basics:

Brand Identity 

Hone your brand’s marketing objectives and strategy as well as your mission and goals. Keep these as the backbone of everything you do in order to streamline your message to the consumer. This can help with customer retention and loyalty and will also create a predictable environment for your customers.


Keep content simple, fresh and well-written. Again, streamline what message your content is bringing to the consumer. Update your site regularly and hire someone who knows how to write clearly and directly.

User Friendly

Consumers these days are looking for quick download speeds and a dynamic Website. You can improve your Website speed and load times by keeping images smaller and avoiding placing videos on your landing page. Hire a professional to help you organize your content so that your site loads efficiently, as customers generally favor load times around three seconds or less.

Pleasing to the Eye

Your Website should be aesthetically pleasing so that you can capture and maintain your customers’ attention. Again, streamline your branding, messaging, and the look of your product with the overall appearance of your Website. If you don’t feel like you possess enough skill in the area of Website development to create something powerful enough to draw in new and existing customers, it is a really great investment to hire a professional for the job.

The team at Pickett and Associates can help you if you are looking to build, maintain, or enhance your Website as a platform of engagement. A good Website will help your brand to maintain a streamlined message so that customers from all over the Internet are able to gather the same information. In this way, you can also achieve the alignment of your business and message with marketing goals and objectives. Contact us today if you would like to add a great Web site to your marketing strategy!

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