Public Relations

Nothing to Spin About

Public relations is a lot of things, but it’s not “spinning” untruths, covering up, or sending reporters down a rabbit hole. A public relations professional (like P&A Prez Patricia Pickett) who has taken the time and effort to earn an APR from the Public Relations Society of America is serious about clearly and truthfully communicating … whether that is a news release regarding a new business, a media “pitch” for a time-sensitive topic or crisis communication.

The latter we try to avoid … not because we don’t like it or because we don’t do it well. But avoiding it — with a proactive crisis communication plan — is much more preferable than clumsily answering important questions on the fly that can cause months of heartache and possible litigation down the road.

News Releases

Got some news you’d like to share with your community? We’ll write it up for you and get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Media Pitches

Pickett & Associates can get your business in front of the cameras or on the front page of magazines and newspapers.

Crisis Communication

Having a plan in place for possible trouble down the road will help you respond quickly and effectively without making matters worse.

Strategic Approach + Measurable Results