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Educating the Public about Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine, Laser, & Aesthetics
Marketing, Content, PR
Our Work
P&A Team
Jenny Lear, Marissa Johnson, and Kat Wedmore

Integrative Medicine, Laser & Aesthetics is a medical practice focused on the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental factors that influence a person’s health.

The Challenge

Integrative Medicine, Laser & Aesthetics is a unique model for a medical practice in the United States. With a background in emergency room medicine, the physicians are committed to the practice of functional/integrative medicine. That means educating the public about what that means and how it can be a game changer for those with chronic health issues.

The Solution

A 12-month strategic communication and marketing plan was developed with very specific measurable objectives beyond “education” — though that piece was imperative in driving revenue. Contributed articles, PR, educational blogs and strategic social media implementation carried a continual message to a targeted audience. And there was Frank … the French bulldog “office dog.” We couldn’t resist some fun “#FridaysWithFrank” posts to garner some attention. (And that’s like a belly rub and some blueberries in Frank world … his favorite things!)

The Results

Social media growth (15% Facebook, 30% increase in Instagram)

Increased appointments = increased revenue in its functional clients as well as its laser and aesthetic services.

A UX enhanced, optimized website developed with these same strategic goals in mind … coming July 2020!

Strategic Approach + Measurable Results