Digital Marketing

Rules the Roost

It’s a digital world. Marketing and communication professionals have adapted the last decade to reach target audiences when and where they live … whether that is through something as (seemingly) simple as an eNewsletter to lead generation campaigns that include retargeting and geofencing . 

Websites provide organizations a wide range of support. A website can be your best sales person OR it can simply underscore the credibility of your organization.  Regardless of their function and measurable objectives for success, design includes a strategically mapped User Experience (UX) and best practices in search engine optimization (SEO). P&A-developed websites are functional as they are pretty. 

Social Media Engagement

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube …  these have become indispensable marketing tools. But handling social media for businesses is not as simple as just posting links every now and then. We will help you strike the perfect balance between informative, creative, and timely content that will keep your followers engaged and help grow your audience.

Website Design & Development

Your website can (and should) be your front-line, first-touch sales person. It should succinctly deliver your unique value proposition, targeting the prospective client’s pain point. And we encourage you to leave the “Three Little Pigs” at home. (You know, “We … We … We …”

Strategic Approach + Measurable Results