• Public Relations

  • strategic public relations follows a process

  • research

    You don't want to assume anything about your organization -- about who your customers or clients are, about your organization's perception or even about your employees. Surveys, audits and interviews begin the process.

  • planning

    Quantified and qualified information leads the way to a strategic communication plan that includes strategy, those very important measurable objectives and the tactics that will reach your company's public relation goals.

  • implementation

    Put that plan and all those tactics to action! Consistent messaging thrugh multiple channels -- social media, traditional media, eNewsletters, etc. -- is key to reaching your measurable objectives. 

  • evaluation

    Evaluation doesn't happen soley at the end of a campaign or project. Strategic communications should be monitored for effectiveness throughout the campaign and modified as needed. But in the end, the evaluation should reflect a successful attainment of objectives.

  • This four-step method of "research, planning, implementation and evaluation" is one most students of communications, marketing or public relations learn early in their education. However, it's a process that Pickett and Associates takes seriously and with which every client engagement begins. It is the map to your organization's success.