• Identity & Branding

  • Tell Your Organization's Story with Brand Identity

    Your brand is beyond just your logo and a style guide. Your company's brand evolves from the perception and reaction it receives from your customers and clients. A logo or brand "mark" evolves from that as the visual interpretation of your brand. A series of conversations, research and audits take the team on a deep dive into what makes your company unique. 

  • Going the Extra Mile

    On occasion a company will have an established logo that they don't want to change ... but they need something that really tells who they are and/or what they do. Marrying the old with the new magnifies the brand message.

  • See how we help Shelby Materials

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    See how we help Shelby Materials

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  • Capturing Personality in a Brand

    Which came first? The brand or the idea? When you're in "start-up mode," the two can merge to help shape each other resulting in a brand and identy that says, "This. Is. Me."