• Graphic Design

  • professional graphic design makes a lasting impression

    Professional graphic design utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite provides an organization with a professional appearance. Don't think you're fooling anyone by whipping up your logo in Word. Regardless of your business accumen, you look like an amateur. Remember, "Friends don't let friends use Publisher." 

  • Graphic Design

    If you call a communications firm and say, "Hey, I need a brochure!" hang up if they say, "Sure thing, right away!" Graphic design should be approached as strategically and thoughtfully as any of your communications efforts. Why do you want a brochure? Maybe there's a more cost effective approach to that, or a unique approach that will cut down on the sad fate of many a collateral piece -- the circular file. That said, we've done some phenomenal pop-up banners, car wraps, case study templates and, yes, brochures. Just know we're going to ask some questions before firing up InDesign.

  • Custom Illustration

    Much like custom photography can make the difference in your website or other collateral materials, custom illustration allows your brand to shine. Whether explaining your value proposition in an infogram or extending your brand message across social media platforms, custom illustration provides an engaging way to tell a story with little if no words, a must in today's 140-character limit attention span.

  • Custom Icon Sets

    Tired of using stock icons and graphics? Have Pickett & Associates' graphic designers create custom icons designed to fit your brand and you will stand out from the crowd.

  • Engaging Graphics

    Using professional graphics custom designed to suit your needs gives your grand opening, website launch, special event, or new business venture the eye-catching "pop" it needs to exceed your expectations.

  • Visual Aids

    Explaining methods and processes to customers and clients can be tough. You know what they say—a picture's worth a thousand words. Let custom graphics help you get your message across.